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I have a 29 gal tank that I did a 95% water change on last night and vacumed from the bottom stiring up the rosks. This morning the water looks great. I haven't tested yet but plan on it after 24 hrs. For 3 years it has been used for mollies. It has the original rocks, a plant and I only rinsed the filter cartrige. I was trying not to empty the whole thing and stast a new cycle. I added Prime and salt. Would I have been better off just emptying the whole tank and starting over?
Thank you for any advise. blush.gif

IPB Image
erm.. well, you've already added in the oranda, so just leave it and observe smile.gif
The picture shown is from my 55 gallon. There aren't any fish in the 29 gallon.
then it would be best to dry/sun everything and restart smile.gif
Re start is much better.
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