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Full Version: Shades Of Black
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Desireless once posted this photo of a tyakin (tea goldfish)

Do you guys think there is, or should be, a distinction between tea colored, chocolate colored and brown goldfish? Or, are they just different names for basically the same color?

I have seen the green wild-type color called "bronze". If you were shopping for cars or clothes, bronze would be another shade of brown. Those wild-type fish don't look brown to me.

Hi Steve,

Sorry to reply so late. This is the picture of the Tyakin that your were referring to:
IPB Image

It is known as Cha Jin, 茶金 (Tea Gold: abbrev for Tea Goldfish) [pronounced as Cha'a Gin (as in the alcohol drink)].

It is a general term used to described a goldfish that appears chocolate brown in colour. It used to be a name specifically for chocolate-brown ryukin. But nowadays other types of goldfishes that appear in chocolate brown are also known as Cha Jin

As for your question on the different shades of brown. First there are 2 branches of "faded black" colour (you may want to call it that way biggrin.gif ). One branch consists the blue/green colours. Another consists of the brown/purple/tea colours.

What differentiate these 2 branches is the "colour base" (white or orange) of the scales. Black fishes that have white-based scales will look silvery black, sometimes appearing like blue or green in colour. On the other hand, black fishes with orange-based scales will look brownish (or you can imagine orange with hue of black).

In a case of very close uncertainty, just flip the fish over to look at the abdomen - you will be able to determine whether its scales are orange based or white based.
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