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Full Version: I Think There Is Something Wrong With My Fish... Tail+ Personality
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lately one of my goldfish have just been staying to the top of the water floating, with his head pointing downwards and tail up near the surface.
he has also stopped swimmng and only stopped paying attention to food and only eats 1 or 2 bits of pellet if its near him but he doesnt swallow it but spits it out
he also stopped moving a lot n just stays in the one spot

i put him in a seperate tank to watch him closely.. and he just let the food float all around him n would eat it
also but after a couple of hrs he started to be active again but would just do the same thing n float pointing downwards

and then i put him a glass/jug to observe him closer i did this other times but didnt notice anything..
but i noticed on his tail (closer to the butt) he has like on the right a dark red kinda colour, it looks more liek blood then colour change. it looks like a deep red colour like his vein but for some reason its noticable.

ill post a pic up when i can

any suggests on what it is or what to do?
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I am not an expert on fish diseases. But I have kept goldfish since childhood and I have encountered "helicopter/head down tail up" syndrome as suggested by CP and have so far been able to rectify such problem.
Other than the red anus, your fish may experience constipation.
I would not recommend giving green peas for goldfish. As skinned green peas are either too big/too hard for goldfish intestines.

Put the fish in shallow water (until the surface covers a few cm above the fish back). You may need to put such fish in this condition for as long as a few months. You may put some salt into the water (but do not perform a 2% salt dip as it will kill your fish instantly!!) and maintain a slightly warm water temperature. Cut down on the feeding, you may want to starve it for the first few days.

If you detect a slight tail up, head down early, your chances of curing the fish is greater. For those fishes that are rolling over, it would be difficult if not impossible to cure.

Some goldfish have greater tendencies for this problem, as they have great appetite but they don’t poo as fast. Hence to encourage such fish to poo, you need to change the water a few hours after feeding. No need to give Epsom salt or other kinds of harsh treatments.

If you cant cure the fish, then you just continue keeping the fish. A rollover fish will live as long as other healthy fish; one should not end the life of such fish just because it is rolled over.
I dont buy the idea of "pre soaking" the pellet. Loss of nutritient and introduction of harmful amonia into the fish besides fish do not like soggy pellet. I feed my Tikus pearlscales 10 times a day - a small amount at a time using timer and I seldom encounter "head down, tail up" syndrome (or the equivalent of Slanted/Tilted syndrome for Tikus pearlscale).
something is causing the fish to be unable to take in sufficient oxygen..
thanks guys, for your advice and replies

sometimes my fish does it and sometimes he turns back to normal... maybe it is just him?
Give it a high fiber diet like leafy vegetables until it straightens out. The red streak could be an early sign of a ulcer or systemic infection. Goldfish with internal bacterial infections often loose equilibrium too.

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