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Full Version: Panda Or Blue?
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Hello everyone Im new to this site so be anyways, I bought this little guy from a LFS.. as a rescue.. they sold him/her as a panda but now looks blue.. any advice would be great! yes.gif Hes about 4in nose to tail... very sweet with a impressive wen already.. Hes fed spinach,bloodworms,other greens, fruit, peas before 1day fasting..
its panda
in a batch of this fish only several can be typical panda, black head, fin and tail, only white body. more rare more expensive.
blue, with some brown on it's fins smile.gif
Panda with the black breaking up. That's what pandas do. Soon to be all white?

Thankyou guys!.. I cant wait to see what he will look like in a few months even yrs.. I had another panda she turned yellow and black wacko.gif her wen was completly yellow.. very pretty.. he does have some brown coloring in the top dorsal area.. even his wen is showing this.. thanks guys! peace.gif
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Heres A pic I just took of him..

You can see the wen color change.. yes.gif
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