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Full Version: Telescopic Spends Time On Bottom Or Tank
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my name is mike
hi, i am new to this forum, but not new to fish keeping --

i have had my telescopic fancy goldfish for about 2 years now -- she is only in a 10 gal but it is over filtered with 2 HOB filters - one rated for 10 gal and one for 30 gal -- i do significant weekly changes along with gravel vac to keep water quality in check -- nirtites and amonia at 0 and nitrates under 20 ---
i feed her sinking pellets and frozen peas

recently i have slacked off on the maintenence and my fish may be paying for it --

she spends much of her time about 30% resting on the bottom (note: her pectoral fin remains erect and it does not appear to be a swim bladder problem) - the rest of the time, she appears happy, swimming about, begging for food, etc

i have also noticed that the very ends of her caudal fins have split slightly -- any help would be greatly appreciated
my name is mike
anyone have any suggestions ???

looking at her this morning, it appears that she has one scale missing on the side of her belly.
not sure what sort of medication is avaliable at your area, but how much water have you changed recently?
At the first sign of trouble, change more water. If the dorsal is erect and the pectoral fins are not clamped against the body, then the fish probably feels OK. But, there could be some problem looming. The frayed fins are often a sign of microbe attack and poor water quality. Another possibility is that the fish is just old and this is the first sign that it going down-hill.

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