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Full Version: Need Help For My Green Water Setup
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Hi all,
I am facing a problem that I don't know what I should do. Please help me out. I did water change on my green water tank last Saturday. And the fish decided to lay egg on Sunday. It doesn't have any male in the system, so I can't keep the egg for breeding purpose. I don't feed them since I saw the egg and let them eat.
Normally in clear water set up I would do the water change to clean the tank from breeding situation. But in green water setup I don't know how to do it. The ammonia reading is about 0.5 now. I am afraid the green water will be collapsed if I do the wc very frequently. What should I do? sad.gif
I put a pic of tank for green intensity. Thanks a lot.

IPB Image
If this is the shade of green that you have after just 2 days, you must have seeded quite a fair bit, I suspect at least 20%.

I seed less than 5%, (but then again my pond is under hot tropical sun), so in your case I would suggest you change another 80% to 90% of your tank water and seed with the existing 10 to 20%. The green water should have no problems kickstarting from this brew; though it may be more difficult cosidering you are using artificial light and its winter now in US.

Alternatively, you may wish to temporarily transfer your fishes into clear water and let green water build up from the existing ammonia; when its green enough save some of it as seed and start over.But I find this more of a hassle.

The intensity of green usually doesn't go that fast. I think it is because of breeding outcome.
Will it be OK, if I change 80%? Thanks.
Hi Fred,

If it is unusual for the green to come this fast, its because this time round there's plenty of ammonia from the decomposing eggs.It's OK to change 80% or even 90%, keep the rest as seed.

ok, I will proceed. Thanks a lot.
Did you also siphon the eggs off the bottom?

Yes, I took all the egg out smile.gif Thank you all.
or u could cease feeding totally and let the green water do its job. smile.gif
I ended up changing the water and took 10% back.

I stopped feeding at the beginning but ammonia was at 2 all the time sad.gif
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