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Hi All,

Greetings from KL. This is my first posting here.

I've been keeping goldfish for a little over a year. First with a 2" tank and only recently, I got an outdoor pond. Right now, I've got 3 ranchu, 2 ryukin, 5 butterflies, 2 crown pearlscales, 2 bubble-eyes, 2 orandas and one pom-pom. I figure that I've reached the limit of what my pond (2' x 4' x 3') can hold. Here's some pictures of the pond and it's denizens. Appreciate any comments you may have.

Looks good,but at a little more than 600 litres, ideally you should not keep more than 10.I guess you'll just have to make more frequent water changes.

It will be great if the goldfish kept are appreciated from top such as TVRs or butterfly tails, so you may wish to have a tank in your home to appreciate the sideview varieties such as your ryukins.So maybe keep your 2 ft tank and periodically swap the SV varities between tank/pond.

Whats the filtration system like?
Hello CP,

Tks for your reply.

My filter is the portion on the right hand side that is covered by the aluminium frame. Beneath that I have some black plastic mesh to keep sunlight from reaching the filter media (read somewhere that sunlight kills the bacteria, is this true?). Under all that is a 3 stage setup using glass sheets. I have filter foam in the first stage. Bio-rings abd Bio-spheres in the second stage and in the 3rd stage are the pumps.

Interms of water changes, right now the pond is leaking (at a rate of about 1/4 to 1/3 of the volume per day) at the waterfall part, so have to run a pipe to constantly top it up. Chlorine is a big issue right now and i place the pipe as high as possible so the water sort of splashes into the pond and some of the chlorine is dispersed. Also I put in anti-chlorine twice a day. No choice at the moment until my contractor fixes the problem. Do you think the residual chlorine has a negative effect on the fish? So far I've not noticed anything out of place but am wondering bcos my fish seem to be growing rather slowly.

Any comments will be helpful.
should be fine, my pond is leaking too laugh.gif
just remember to add in sufficient antichlorine.

how much are u feeding daily?
17 fishes need to eat quite alot.
which is why CP recommended lesser fishes, the more u feed, the faster the water gets dirty.
Hello Cyber ET,

Tks for your reply. Wow. U are able to tolerate a continuously leaking pond for I assume quite some time already? My water bill is more than doubled just to make sure the pond is filled every second. Right now I'm feeding them twice a day at about 1%-1.5% of total fish weight for a total of 2%-3% of fish weight a day. I don't know if this is excessive as I've not encountered any problems yet. Any comments?
observe the fish condition before & after feeding, and adjust according. different enviroment requires different parameters smile.gif
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