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Full Version: New To The Site And Had A Few Questions
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Hi everyone! I just joined the site andhad a few oddball questions that I couldn't decide where to post. So if you could please help me out it would be much appreciated!

First off, Gravel.
I read in a book that it is bad for the fish to have light colored gravel because the light shinesoff of it. I have white mixed with some blue and I'm wondering if this might be upsetting them.

I live in Florida, and if you've ever been in Florida you know it gets hot! Its hard for me to keep the temperature below 78 withoutcranking down the a.c. Any suggestions on how to lower the temperature without putting my apartment own to 50 degrees!

Last, Abnormal Behavior
I have 4 goldfish but my tiniest one, understandably named Runt, loves to pick up gravel and carry it to different parts of the tank. I have a castle in the tank and he puts the gravel pieces he cn pick up on to the castle! Is there a way to stop him from doing this? I'm afraid he might choke!

One more thing, I got my orandas from pet smart. They are about one inch right now but I was wondering if they looked healthy and good. Let me know what you think!
IPB Image

Thanks for your help!

Welcome. For the RG community, it is all about the goldfish. Most do not have gravel in their tanks because it traps a lot of debris which decomposes and may cause water quality or disease problems later. You might be the only RG member with gravel and a castle. That is strange behavior but I do not think you have to worry about the oranda choking on gravel.

You will not have a temperature problem in an air conditioned apartment. If you are comfortable, the fish will be comfortable.

Nice photo. The oranda looks very healthy. It's more than 1 inch though. You will find that the goldfish with the best conformation and most potential to be show-quality are help back by the breeder and sold at a larger size.

biggrin.gif Hi you!!!!!

I´m David Jonathan I´m from Mexico & I have 2 goldish...I´m still leranring about they I think is a good idea no using gravel biggrin.gif I´m not sure why but no one uses it in this forums and it seems to work well good_very.gif I think you have a crazy fish happydance1.gif thats great jajaja I hope he will be fine
I wanna make some friends If yuo want to you can add my msn

Bye Dude peace.gif
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