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Full Version: My Brand New Orandas
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Hi there,

I recently bought this lot. I really dig the little Sakura, but the big guy looks really nice, apart from the ripped fin (but that will hopefully heal itself over time - anyway I just wanted to take care of him, he looked so sad in the LFS).

What do you think? What opportunities do these fish bring, and what I should definitely avoid smile.gif

All comments welcome

IPB Image

IPB Image

Ripped fins are OK, they will heal over time.

As for comments on your purchase,due to the lack of quality goldfishes over at the UK as compared to this region, I would say that the quality is acceptable.The downside for both these purchase is the drooped tails.The tails of goldfishes should preferably be erect.
Cheers CP,

That's true, it seems to be kinda hard to get nice goldfish's in here - everyone treats them as live food rather than anything else (^.^)
Kinda sad but what can you do.

I was trying to get a Ranchu, but no one's heard about them in my LFS so I guess Oranda will do (^.~). Nothing to complain about really, as the Redcap one is a really lively and healthy fish swimming around all the time.
It's hard to find good goldfish in the US too. Some stores sell them, but most LFS consider goldfish to be pondfish. That Oranda you have looks great!
Hi Jon,

Here is a thread for goldfish sources in the US:
Thanks for the comments guys.
BTW do you have any good methods for developing the certain parts of the fish? eg. the wen, or fins? Or do you just change the water every day and mix different foods to keep the fish happy?

p.s. my little sakura is slowly developing black streaks on the fins, I'm hoping it's because the filter is still adjusting to the load of the tank and that it will disappear
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