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Full Version: Sold As Blue And Not Black
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Blue or black?Well kinda debatable.If sold as black hmm.gif It's a far cry from the thai intense black.If blue metallic then what we have here is a gem laugh.gif Nevertheless,color aside,I am drawn to this piece good physiques,power and deportment.The curve is smooth and scales very even and well defined.Anal fins are paired,equal without kinks or folds.Headgrowth is bit limited at the moment but with time (if genetics permit) should realise its potential growth in a couple of months.A relative young fish to nurture for the future.The musculature suggest a possible giant in the making rusure.gif Any comments?

IPB Image
Not considered black...

But looks brown instead of blue.
I think it is the reflective scales against the sun that give a brownish hue rolleyes.gif
Wah Goldrush a flurry of postings these two days and almost every thread is impressive. good_very.gif

I agree that this is a giant in the making, its body structure is very similiar to those jumbo Chinese calicos.But I think it will end up with a lot more brown.Do update us three months down the road.
This piece is certainly very photogenic.

I am starting to not like full black goldfish. It seems that the better the black is, the less detail we can see and the fish becomes two-dimensional. A full black fish seems to have no expression and even have no personality. From the top view in a pond with wall algae, the full black disappears all together. It is like you have to provide daily feed for a phantom which is never seen.

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