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Full Version: New R/w Sideview
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This is my new Thai sideview, just out of quarantine. It is still quit small, and is apparently only about 4 months old. What do you think of this piece? Please disregard the sound, my brother was mocking a line from a stupid ping pong movie. hmm.gif
A very decent piece you have there(esp one coming from the States).Well the physical features are good.However the eyes look a bit big relative to its head rusure.gif .As such growth may be affected.Swimming and deportment is another issue here.Notice when it swims,it does not exude the power to cut through water effortlessly but tend to sweep with much effort.Also tend to swim head down instead of held horizontal especially when at rest.Hope you dont mind my honest assessment blush.gif
I share the exact same views as Goldrush; but there is one aspect to look forward to.Many hobbyists love big buffalo cheeks; and this piece has a pair that is promising; like a pair of boxing gloves. yes.gif
I relish the honest assesment. Could it be that the head down resting has something to do with the fact that I had just recently fed the tank? It does tend to list with it's head down occasionally, but does not swim in this position. Maybe it's difficulty swimming is because of the twist in the top of it's tail? I bought this fish because I liked the curvature of the back, and it's headgrowth. The short video I saw of this fish showed it swimming normally, so the head down swimming was not anticipated. Am I to assume that this problem will only get worse with age?
Notice that when he stops swimming he immediately starts to float up in the water. It looks to me like there is a swim bladder issue which is affecting the way the fish moves and carries itself. This may rectify itself with a change in diet such as green water or more leafy vegetables and roughage.

I like the head and tuck a lot, but do not like the way all the back curvature is toward the rear.

I was feeding saki hikari (purple) exclusively, but recently stopped for various reasons. The fish get shelled peas, sanfrancisco bay brand emerald entree, and occasionally blanched spinach or kale in addition to the saki hikari and frozen bloodworms or mysis.
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