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Full Version: Is My Fish Showing His Agressiveness?
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Hello friends,

I have a pair of lionheads. They were bought out of the same tank in the shop and they have been living in my tank for close to 1 month. Now I noticed that one of the lionhead keep on chasing the other one who is fat and a bit slow when swimming... At times, it will just stay very close and wouldn't part away from the fat one....Im still new with goldfish.... So would like to ask if this is common or is this a case of a lionhead showing who's boss in the tank? or is it something else? Will it be healthy for the fat one? Thanks biggrin.gif
It sounds like they may be getting ready to spawn. Look for the white breeding tubercles on the one who is doing the chasing.

Thanks for replying. There isn't any of the tube that you mentioned.... Hopefully it will calm down and be less agressive bigwink.gif
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