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Full Version: Newbie In Ranchu Keeping
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Hi all.I still a newbie for keeping ranchu n oranda.I need to learn n need some experience sifu to guide me..I know that Hikari Lionhead content high protein for the build up muscle.Hikari B/W also good for the intestine.I also feed fresh boiled chicken liver n green peas as for snack twice a week.I feed them 4 time daily.I kept six 5"inch chinese oranda in the 4ft glass tank filter with bio sponge n crush coral as a wet dry system.My three 3'inch chinese n four thai ranchu I kept in the 4ftX3ftX1ft guppy tub outside in the balcony as a spa for them.I dont use green water but green algae carpet has been grown on the tub wall.Every 3 day I change both 40% of the water as schedule.The result the gfs look fat@muscle and healthy.I'm using DIY Simple Bakki Shower style using Japan Mat ,crush coral and bio ball to filter the water.I dont intend to use green water even I know the benefit coz I cant see my gfs for pleasure.Hehehe..My ranchu was only 3-4 inch in size and still considered junior.So need maximum pump up I mean protin it Hikari Staple content low protin n used as economic pack.Also it is floating type right?It's better than Hikari Lionhead?
Correct me if I'm wrong? peace.gif

Hello...No body here ka? hmm.gif
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