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Full Version: Greetings From Australia!
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Hiya guys!

My name is Stephen, also known as Mango on the net. Im currently a major in Web Development and working in a pharmacy in Sydney, Australia.

I have been keeping/breeding fish for over 15 years now and my current project is a 1000ltr goldfish pond. Deciding over the filtration and to go green or not? This I will post later on in the day.

My experience in fish have been is still in the learning stage, with many things to learn about, especially keeping healthy and growing up goldfish with good body shape etc. Since I was small, my dad has been breeding Discus, which caught me into the hobby of fish. I have always thought keeping goldfish and koi was hard. Especially when my old man was killing goldfish like every week. So I decided to start from the start.

First fish I had was Discus, wasn't really mine, but dad taken care of it for me. After discus we went to Cichlids (African), we kept them for 2 year, they bred like rabbits! We had 7 bar frontosas and peacocks. They were too easy so we upgraded to Marines. That was a great challenge and that damaged our pockets for a long time. The y demanded along of time and effort. I researched alot about the Marine hobby, and even Aqua-cultured corals , algae and fish! After 4 years, i noticed that my fingers peeling to the extend that my entire hand was peeling! Did some tests and confirmed that I was allergic to strong salt water. That ended my Marine Hobby. Had to sell off everything and start off with another type of fish.

With the money I had started to invest into aquatic plants. Had a 12gal and a 33gal planted tank both co2 injected. I added some show guppies as a little feature, they decided to breed and when I say "breed", i mean had a pair and ended up with 3 4ft tanks full along with my 2 planted tanks. That got quite out of hand, so I got rid of them and concentrated on the plants. When I placed my displays online, a few people have asked me to aquascape their tanks for them. It was a great experience as I am still trying to try different types of tanks to ponds biggrin.gif

After awhile, I decided its time to play with some money. I purchased an A grade Red Tail Golden Arowana for my dad. Thanked him for teaching me alot about the hobby. I also got him a 6X2X2 with some Leopard Golden Snakeskin Discus and a small L14 "sunshine" pleco to complete the display in the dinner room. And I got myself a 3500ltr pond with some show quality Koi. Yes...from Marines back to fresh water...quite lame, but oh wells, its a good conversion I guess!

Now I got tank with 11 L066 (king plecos), Angels and a few Cory Cats, The arowana tank, 4X2X2 with pair of L397 and Fancy Goldfish and a 3500ltr pond with Koi. Now Im planning for my 1000ltr pond for my goldfish, how you guys can help me out for that.

Seeya for now!
Mango! happydance1.gif
Hello mango hi.gif

Looks like you have seen all and kept all beg2.gif .Welcome to our site.Try browsing through our past archives on topics of relevance through thro the search button.You will find lots of contributions from old hands to better your goldfish keeping.


Welcome to RG Mango.

As Doc mentioned above there are heaps of topics to search from, if your trying to setup a pond/tank to taking care and/or breeding. Definitely a treasured website when it comes to GOLDFISH.

You can also browse the following topic, here you can find Aussie members contributing to Goldfish Sources in Oz (which might be of good help if you havent sourced your goldfishes yet).

And my favorite topics are where you get to see pics of amazing show quality Goldfishes taking part in Comps.

Have Fun!
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