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Full Version: Cartoon Ranchu
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Hi all, I personally like small body and fat ranchu, they also known as cartoon ranchu.
I learnt that such kind of ranchu cant really grow big. However,I just simply like them.
I am new and wanted to learn more.
Hence, I start this new topic here so that we can share information, methods of grooming them and pictures of them.
keep the information and pictures coming.
Hi Hi,

I've found this website where a breeder in Japan who also enjoys keeping mini fat ranchus. He calls them 'pinpong ranchu'

Hope you enjoy the links cos they are damn cute~!
Hi Bro, Thanks for sharing. Great link... Thanks.
I don't know why I kept this little fish. It has no redeeming qualities except one - it makes me laugh.

IPB Image
How about is ??

IPB Image

it,s from my farm in indonesia hi.gif hi.gif

Water is my symbol
Steve, surely it is cute smile.gif
Banten, wow, so identical! Red cap ranchu?
Pingpong ranchu is so unique. But somehow, it reminds me of a dropsy fish? I don't know why. Sorry. Seems to come from tvr?

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