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Full Version: Suitable Media For Built-in Filter?
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Hi All,

I am planning to buy a 3ft tank with built-in filter compartment. Have decided to stop using canister filter due to a few bad experience with leakages. Hope to have a filter system thats need as few maintenance as possible due to busy schedule. Thinking of using the following filter media:-

1. First layer (from top) - wool
2. Second layer - Bacteria house (for the top wet dry part)
3. Third layer - BioHome
4. Fourth layer - Plastic green mat
5. Pump compartment - oyster shell

Would appreciate any comment or suggestion to improve the above system.

A pic or sketch best describes the intended system but in the absence of it the description sounds good enough.

You can save on the biohome since you already have bacteria house; or the other way round; cos' both these medias are relatively expensive and furthermore your tank capacity is only 3ft so its an overkill in some sense.
Hi CP,

Thanks for the advice. The tank size is 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft. Yes, I am planning for an overkill system as I am keeping 9 goldfishes (for fengshui reason..biggrin2.gif) and I dislike changing water every week. The tank is as follows:-

IPB Image
Even if you have the best filtration system, you cannot shortcut the water change.As a rule of thumb, a 3ft tank is good for about 4 medium sized goldfish. Keep 9, you will need to change 100% twice a week if you want pristine water conditions.
This is true take it from me the less fish the better no way u can have 9 with out at least a 50% water change a week in that small of a tank. I have a nasty ich infestation, and I have a way overkill dual filteration system. Water changes are a must otherwise goldfish arent for you. Pick out your favorite four fish and keep the rest in a tub and swap them out peridocally thats what I plan to do.
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