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Full Version: Tank Size Input
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Ok I am limited on space and I am trying to decide on a tank size .
I am only wanting Ranchu with a bare bottom set up. Proubly only two fish ( could I have three in 30 gallons ).

I would love a 30 gallon tank ( 20.5 L * 21 W * 18 H ) cube
but I might get a standard 29 ( 30 L * 12 W * 18 H )
I have a fluval 404 to use that to much over kill?

Thanks for the input ,
Dick Benbow
Hi John,
I'm a rookie in goldfish knowledge but on a cram course to learn. here's what I have found. A ten gallon capacity is a mere minimum for an adult. Those long time hobbyists that I have made a nusiance of "picking" their brains have impressed me with the importance of understocking and long tanks to give area to swim in for the goldies.
Even with over filtration the need for frequent and regular water changes is the "norm". Was just curious if you were into Top View or Side view?
Not really sure proudly side. I used to have a 40 breed that I loved the depth and that is why I like cube. Now if length is better than I will go with the 29.
QUOTE(johnism @ Wed, 30 Jan 2008 1:24 am) *

I have a fluval 404 to use that to much over kill?

I am not familiar with cannisters (is fluval 404 cannister? biggrin.gif ); but the rule of thumb is to get a filter that turns over the water 3 to 4 times per hour. So if your tank is x gallons of water, the filter shall have a turnover capacity of 3x to 4x gallons per hour.
The Fluval 404 is the second largest canister filter in the fluval league. They are great filters in fact my buddy just got one for his 75gal. African cichlid tank. That should be perfect for a 30gal goldie tank. I personally use Rena and Eheim filters. But even with your 404 I reccomend at least a 25% weekly water change as goldfish are filthy and poop everywhere. Also you will avoid a lot of stress and sickness problems if you understock like with a max. of 4 fish. Get them small watch them grow its great good luck. Also I know Eclipse tanks make a 29 gal not really a cube but a good price for a in hood filter and light plus you could hoook up your 404 to that just make sure the current is not too strong.
IPB Image

ok tank is set up with the fluval 404 ( 340 gallons per hour ) and now a bubble wand powered by a rena 400 ( spec. for a 100 gallon tank )air pump.

My question is can the bubble wand create to much of a current ( I know it will cause some up lift )?

I am just afraid these little guys are not getting any rest or should I move the wand to one of the side walls then that would help in reducing the draw ( do to the fact that it will be pulling form the length instead of the width )?

Thanks for the input ,
Too much current from airpump is not too much of a concern, furthermore Rena 400 comes with adjustable airvalves and you can tune the airflow to your liking.Personally I prefer air currents to be strong.

As for your Fluval 404, it is turning over the tank water 10 times per hour (assuming tank capacity is 30 gallons). While technically you can filter the water as many times as you like (ie you cannot 'overfilter'); I suspect the currents created may be too strong.There is a possibility that juvenile fish may be sucked and stuck at the water inlet.
I repositioned the return so that they can have a corner ..that seems to be working.
I have noticed that they become active as soon as I come in the room or the light turns on.....
Thanks again,
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