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Full Version: Rescue Or Not?
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So I have the new tank set up and running now. I went to the store to grab so extra supplies and they had a couple baby lions head in a tank.So I leave and had to return later to get the dog food I forgot . When I stopped by to check on the little ones , they had dumped about 20+ 1 " goldfish in with them. So 3 lion heads and 20+ 1" goldfish in a 15 gallon tank. So here is my question if I decide to go rescue the little ones (instead of ordering some from goldfish utopia- which I would love too and planned on ) Is there anything I can treat them with to preventive infections or sickness? Also another reason why I am kind of concern about an infection is because there was a tank above with fan tails that did not look that great and the shops ( petco ) setup seemed to be plumed all as one filter.
So is the a medicated soak I could do or some kind of saltwater bath...
Thanks for any ideas or input,
PS. they are about an 1" and they looked in good health right now
I highly reccomend setting up a small quarinteen tank. I just had a harsh battle with ich and It claimed 2 of my very nice red capped orandas. Lion heads are very hardy I have about 6 and they have never had any other problems but dont put them in with your other fish for about a month just to make sure. Also I never buy fish from petco anymore very poor quality and always disease infested. Good luck
I am going to pass on them. I have a feel they are already disease infested.
Poor little guys
IPB Image

So I was back at the store and could not stand it , so they came home with me.
Now I did a 5 minute( 1/2 salt to 1 gallon of water) soak as a preventive measure.
Is there any other treatment you would recommend?

They Seem to be doing great so far , and they are little pigs
you would not believe that they are all still alive and doing well...little pigs.
hehehe looks like the three little pigs indeed, watch the water quality in order to save them... they are nice three Lion heads..

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