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Full Version: Nicotine Gum
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QUOTE(Hun Citizen @ Thu 18 Mar 2004 10:48 PM)

"Depending on the amount of nicotine in the gum, a pack of 30 could cost between S$19 and S$28."

Last time I bought a box (Nicorette Gum 4mg) consisting of 105 pieces cost me only $72.

Are you still smoking? unsure.gif
I wanted to try the nicotine patch... but I believe I'm not only hooked on nicotine, I also have the HABIT which the patch can't help. It will take lots of will power (plus the patch) for me to quit smoking. Sigh.

The rate cigarettes prices are going up... $20 a pack shall be in the not far future.


So when I see young kids somking I wonder if they are carrying gold cards.

Soon cigarettes smoking is for platinum card holders nia.
QUOTE(Hun Citizen @ Thu 18 Mar 2004 11:10 PM)
Tried the patch a few years back...  not for me.

Will go look for another doctor to get Zyban pills.  A friend recommended it to me.  And he is smoking about 2 sticks a day with the pills(taken twice a day).

Let us know if it works; I'm sure most smokers are seriously considering quiting smoking. yes.gif
Seacucumber must look for cheaper cigarettes....
the minimart at AC sells 50cts cheaper
Is it? 50 cents cheaper? Must check properly ah... Nowadays they got PIRATED cigarette mad.gif
The cover and the original ones sama sama... Smoke already dunno can die or not ohmy.gif
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