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Full Version: Need Help Sick Ranchu
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need help here mates

IPB Image

whats this red spot? cure?
Looks like it could maybe be a parasite infection (costia)
.... or the beginnings of an ulcer caused by a parasite bite. Try a topical treatment like potassium permanganate paste or mecurochrome. Use a medicated feed if you have any.

thanks guys will try though fingers crossed .......
That deff. looks like the beggnings of an ulcer.
i transfered him to a hospital tank now the red spot gave birth to 2 more red spots but the fish still active and eating good heck! dont know what to do ... did everything i can ..... need more help guys pls
What did you do?
if the fish is eating well, its better to leave it in the main tank and improve water quality... i think the fish is stress...

i have this problem on and off, and ussually its just because of the water is bad.... like after 100% wc...., water qualiy is really a headache for a begginner...100%wc doesnt mean fish like it....

so far i have been lucky...using
i just put a liitle bit of salt in water and that blue thing

awhile ago i checked now the red spots subside from the previous spot and move to another spot now near the tail but still remain a small red spot dint grow big.....

wc - 50% every 2 days

hospital tank - 20 gals/ bare with sponge filter
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