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Full Version: Development Of My Svr
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My Chinese SVR when I bought it 2 mths ago

IPB Image

and this is what it looks like now..

IPB Image

Pls Comments

Any advise on how I can further improve this SVR?
IPB Image

What do you guys think of the tail size in proportion to the body? when I first bought it I thought it was a bit to small
Looks good!

Looks like the fish has bulked up in size and bit of wen growth around the cheeks. And the color has come out too...specially the white part, i feel that before shipping these chinese ranchus are feed too much of color enhancing food (so they can sell them as full red ranchus rather than red/white ranchus)...therefore the whites become pale red and the overall redness of the fish is too much red and lacks in shine/luster as in pic 1. It should be golden is color with more shine/luster which i guess can been see from the second pic.

My red ranchu (which i guess is from the same batch as yours) is showing same color changes as yours with the white of the belly part coming out more brighter and the rest being more golden red and growth in wen cheeks. Only concern for me is that the wen is not completely red as it use to be for my goldfish, and part of the wen are turning white. Im not sure if the fish is coming back to its normal appearance and the color-enhancing diet which i suspect it was given is fading out now....or there is some other explanation to it.....coz my calicos are kept in the same tank and their colors are not fading.

Later on i will move them to my makeshift green water outdoor its occupied by other smaller gold fishes.
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