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Full Version: Snow Leopard Calico Ranchu
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Came across a classification from a chinese website with regards to the various color combination available in the calico breed and would like to share this with all

IPB Image

Well from previous posting,I have acquired a couple of calicos that matches some of these that are highlighted here(flower deer,tiger,blue based).Today,I'm going to show a SNOW LEOPARD ....well sort of.Just becos its base is less blue but white.However I notice a tinct of blue below its base which may resurface over time.But for the time being,let me enjoy it as a ....SNOWY.

Here is some excellent pose of this fish

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

This is one of the few I got with such excellent head growth(Very chubby and cute indeed)

Here's a video to speak VOLUME of such a beast

How do you like it? wink.gif
I want one! In the States we can't get anything like that beauty.

It's great that you continue to make us (those not living in Asia) dreaming. Yes, very cute. Beautiful little black spots
Thanks Doc!

Nice to learn about different types of calico patterns....very helpful can you translate what the 5 color types are called. thanks

Yes this Snowy piece is really cute...keep us posted about its progress.
I can see some blue, but do you think in time that white might be replaced by blue...?

Oh i have got 2 chinese calicos now which look like pattern 1 & 5. will post pics later one
Dear Kinder

My Chinese sucks so I cannot decipher the top 2 color varieties .As for the lower,left is snow leopard,centre is flower deer and right is tiger.Perhaps some bros here conversant in Chinese can do a precise translation beg2.gif

Yes the blue will resurface with time.I'm beginning to see more blue by the day laugh.gif
Very beautiful fish smile.gif I like it smile.gif
I have done a translation of the mentioned article here:
QUOTE(desireless @ Fri, 15 Feb 2008 2:02 pm) *

I have done a translation of the mentioned article here:

good_very.gif good_very.gif good_very.gif Bravo Desireless

Now to see if I can classify my various calicos into their rightful color code rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(goldrush @ Fri, 15 Feb 2008 1:48 am) *

Dear Kinder

Yes the blue will resurface with time.I'm beginning to see more blue by the day laugh.gif

Doc, why is it so that the blue color can resurface over white?

I haven't read anything on this subject, but by observing carefully one of my blue based seems that the blue color comes from the layer underneath the scales and where scales are transparent the blue color is visible, and the white seems to show where the scales are white in color and not transparent.

Im not sure if my observations are correct...might need a conformation from senior members though!
And if this is true, how come a scale (white in color) can change/or become transparent to show the underneath lying blue color?

There are actually no true blue pigments but just scattered melanophores(black pigment )underlying the skin that gives the blue hue.If you see faint grey or blue just below the skin,with time and good condition these will resurface.....most likely due to expansion of the melanophores giving it a darker presence.

It is not due to white changing to blue but just a matter of darkening of the underlying black pigments that 'transform'a supposedly pale fish to a darker fish.
Hi Doc,
Your fish keeping is almost perfect good_very.gif ,very nice specimen
With Warm Regards
Shishir kamat
I have never failed to view this thread everytime I log on to RG...I've probably contributed to 1/3 of the view counts. blush.gif

This is one of the best calicos I've seen in a long time...the only thing that concern me are the exposed anal fins. But that's just my personal preference...heck, I would have bought this fish as well no matter what. yes.gif
Here are some stats

About 340 views were recorded.Apart from yours truly, ManchoRanchu clocked the most counts with 17 views.Surprisingly pangicc came very close with 16 counts.Third with 10 counts each were Desireless and fafaho..

Anyway thanks for appreciating this piece and I agree that good calicos are hard to come by. So by hook or by crook I have to beg for this piece to be sold to me wink.gif
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