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Full Version: Video Of Some New Fish
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Some of my newer fish learning to boogie. Need to use less lighting i guess.

IPB Image

Really nice tank and fish biggrin.gif
OK the video link edited.

How about a video of this pearl? wink.gif
IPB Image
It is rare to see such a nice collection stateside... I especially love your ryukins, and that panda. Gorgeous stuff!!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but could I have seen some of those fish before on a certain DVD catalog? That pearl is stunning by the way!!! Gorgeous conformation, and that finnage speaks to pristine conditions!
shiok.gif shiok.gif wow, that such a awsome collection of fish u have!
very impressive, i really like the calico ranchu and the ryukins, good_very.gif
That crown pearlscale is deceased.
I've been working on a old metal frame tank to use for photographing my current collection, hope to post some new pictures soon. currectly have about 30 fish.
4 in quartine and testing New Life Spectrum food, 10 day test ends tuesday. Manufacture claims i should notice improvements in fish within 10 days. But takes 30 days for big time improvements. I'm seeing weight gains that would normally take me 30 days to achive and slight color improvements.
really?? i just nought a jar of new life spectrum myself, i've never used it before, when u finish ur tem days, can u tell me if there is any great improvements??
New Life Spectrum 10 day test. I've seen notable weight gain on a couple celestrial eyes and very promising color inchancement on a couple ryukins there gill plates have changed from white to gold and one is getting some bright yellow on dorsal. Going to keep one of these on it for a while. Very happy with results so far.
gill plates have changed from white to gold and one is getting some bright yellow on dorsal.
I am always trying to get the yellow/gold to turn more white. Getting the reds to be redder and the whites to be whiter (not pink or yellow) is a delicate balance. Avoid foods containing corn as it is notorious for turning white to yellow.

I understand the pale ungly yellow but this is bright yellow and gill plates gold. not the dirty stuff.
Although the one side of this fish has become quite dirty and i'm going to try to keep this one fish on
New Life Spectrum goldfish food for 30 days to see what happens, could become a gorgeous fish if that dirty side would turn gold or bright yellow. Can't capture it in a picture yet.
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