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I took a quick video of my tank:

There are 9 fish, about 7" in length.
Dick Benbow
very nice! how many gallons is the aquarium?
Very beautiful tank. Lovely to watch.
I see a blue oranda there smile.gif Rare species.
Thanks! the tank is about 800 litres (190 gallons). It includes a sump which does the filtration.
good_very.gif nice collection i love the blue oranda, the scales on it makes the fish really stand out...
great background as well.... good_very.gif
Beautiful tank... Wonder, what is the plant that is in your tank, is that artificial or real? How about a picture of your sump/filtration tank?

You have many lovely orandas. Beautiful tank!!!
The plants are fake...tried real plants but only proved to be a disaster!

Will post pictures of the sump.

Here is the sump:

The water enters the first chamber which houses sponge and the bio-filter. The water then passes up and down through four chambers (two of which also hold chemical and mechanical filtration), the water then goes into the final chamber where it is sent through via a water pump.

IPB Image

And here is the weir inside the tank - water enters into it which goes to the sump and another, separate pipe is connected to the water pump which sends the water back in:

IPB Image

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