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i have bought a new aquarium (200cm-50-60) one month ago, i also bought 4 oranda's of 10-15 cm and 4 orandas of 4-6 cm, it were very nice oranda's that came from singapore . 3 weeks ago i putted a heavy filter on the aquarium and it was very clean and nice. one week after the filter 1 of the big oranda's wouldnt swim much anymore and just sitting behind some plants. they all had some weird white stipples on their head. the next day he died... then 3 days after 1 at 1 died.... this morning one of em died to...
now i got 1 big oranda left and 2 little one's. they are in bad condision ....
i got also a little aquarium down. i putted one of the oranda's in my aquarium that i got upstairs for one day and brought him down again... now all the fishes down are hunting him.

so i have a couple questions?

-what is the problem?
-what can i do about it?
-and what are those white stipps on their head?

please answer me.
Tank and filter is new, chances are your tank is not cycled and fishes die from ammonia and nitrites poisoning.

You can read more here; tank cycling is point No. (4):
stipples? hmm.. anchor worms?
no the filter is not new
i got the filter already like 15 years its a old but heavy filter.

and ill make a photo of the stipples and put it on the forum soon

and its not anchor worms because the white stipples are only on their head....
i have cleaned the whole tank......
and i just bought new fishes today. do u think it will be good now?
i think the white stipps are fungus... but they only have it on their head
what can i do about fungus? is it dangerous?

and how can i farm them? can you send me a link or something ??

please let me know.

new filter meaning freshly started. the filter bacteria is not established.
When fish have a lot of slime or mucus it can slough off and collect in the crevasses of the wen. It looks white and it looks like fungus but it is not fungus. Heavy mucus can be an indication of a heavy parasite load. Perhaps flukes or trichodina. You can't say for sure without looking under the microscope. You can used a combination of Praziquantel plus a commercially prepared mixture of formalin and malachite green to treat for parasites.

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