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Full Version: Red Cap Ranchu? Rare?
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Hiya guys,

I was wondering? Are normal ranchus with red caps rare? Because ive seen Lionheads with red caps, but not ranchus! I went to an Importer's holding facility 2 days ago, and while harvesting for their stock, I noticed 2 red cap ranchus. From a Koi judging perspective, having only a white body and red circle in the head not past the eyes in good. The ones that the imported kindly gave me, got some red in its tail, but the red cap is very nice.

I think they look good in the tank, but will be going into my 500ltr pond with green water later today. I will take some photos, I like to enjoy fancy goldfish from the side as well as in the top just like koi. As you can see, im a newbie in terms of Goldfish, just want to see if I struck the jackpot or not?

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not really in .sg, but it may still be rare in .au
QUOTE(CyberET @ Sun, 02 Mar 2008 10:37 am) *

not really in .sg, but it may still be rare in .au

Over here in M'sia [Ipoh], you can get it cheap at the fish farm.
Wow cool!

I haven't really seen any red cap Ranchu in Aus before, well not with white body and red cap (with no other red else where but the cap). Only seen red cap Lion head.

Only saw a red can ranchu with red eyes, all fins red with red cap, 12cm specimen sold for $500 AUD 2 years ago to an Aussie lady.

Here is mine...
IPB Image


The good part about a red cap is it covers up the yellow on the head. I like a red tail too because a white tail tends to disappear against the background.

Side-view ranchu are side-view ranchu. Top-view ranchu are top-view ranchu.

The fish that sold for 500 was probably priced so high because of other factors such as it's conformation. It is possible that the patterning may have affected the price, but the fish wasn't worth all that money just because of it's color. Hope I'm not bursting your bubble smile.gif. Cute fish though!
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