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Full Version: Shade For Green Water In Outdoor Pond?
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I currently have a 1000ltr pond with about 50cm tall of water in it. It was green water (all water from rain) with some aquatic plants floating. Today I decided to do a total water change approx 700ltrs, and seeded it with about 20 ltrs of old green water.

I would like to ask:
1. I have 60% shade cloth over the pond, is that a good thing?

2. Is it a must to have air pump in the water? Or can I leave to have no aeration in the water?

3. Do I need filtration? If not how often to I change the water and how much?

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how much sun are you getting? if water temp goes above 30, its better to shade.

aeration will prevent total wipe outs if you fail to change water on time.
Sunlight is around 6hrs of full sun a day. Its the end of summer now and average temp is around 16-24*C.

Is it recommended to have aeration only on at nights since the algae will compete for oxygen with the goldfish?
Green water can have too much oxygen during the day and can sometimes even result in gas bubble disease. Best to turn on the air pump and never turn it off.

20 liters in 700 liter tank is 3%. I think most people here keep 10 to 20%.

ah, i think u can safely remove the shading.

leave the aeration on
Currently I only have waterproof airpump running for it, but once I can go to the local plumbing store to get a longer 9mm airline, I can connect an extra line from my 3.5ton pond to the goldfish pond.

I removed the shading 2 days ago and from a water change of 80% of the water, the green water is going very well!

Thanks guys!
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Here are some pics of the green water now!

IPB Image
looks fine, are there some plants in the tub?
Yes, just some hygrophillia stems, if that not good?
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