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Full Version: Another Newbie From Southern California
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[Fantastic website. One of the best dedicated to Goldfish. So much useful info. I live in North San Diego County. Currently have 6 tanks ranging in size from 30 to 180 gallons in size with about 50 fish including ryukins, orandas, lionheads, ranchus and moors. Just finished eradicating an infestation of fish lice (argulus). My biggest problem is ulcer disease inspite of having a decent water quality. I am a firm believer in undergravel filters in combination with conventional filters. Crystal clear water is not a problem with this setup. I also have UV filters with each of the tanks. The Aqua UV brand is pretty good with built in wipers. There bulbs are a bit steep but are good for 12 months. Attached are some of my tanks. Glad to be a member. Jim collage.gif
hi.gif Jim

Welcome to our website.Feel free to browse thro our articles and continual goldfish education to equip yourself with some knowledge to keep your fish healthy and beautiful.I must highlight that over here we do not encourage the practice of UGF as goldfish are notorious to produce too much waste whether visble or invisible.Parasites and anaerobes may harbour within the nooks and cranies to launch continuous attacks at your fishes especially during periods of lowered resistance and periodic stress.The UV rays may not penetrate deep enough to eradicate these unwanted population.Nice collection.

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