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Full Version: "The Perfect Fish" Is There One?
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many a times, we see fantastic and good show grade fishes.

we use judgement for a "perfect" ; "showgrade" ; competition criteria" to judge the fishes displayed and show case here.

this thread is about:

1. what is the criteria u used to buy a fish? Note the key word is not just about the best features and qualities of a "perfect fish" and showcase fish; what will prompt u to buy.

2. after all, it is not everyday that we buy a S$2 fish and it win big in Competition all the times.

3. lets hear from folks here on the purchasing decision vs qualities:

to guide discussion scope and limit them:

a. Assumption:

u have the space and tank for the fish u are looking at.

u have the permission of yr wife, galfren, family members

4. For the purpose of discussion, assume u see the below fish

(i) will u first view and judge them based on showgrade/competitive grade criteria before u buy? if u will; how will u judge them?. 1- 10 pts (1 being poor, 10 being outstanding)

(ii) if u are a normal hobbist with no intention to particpate in comp, will u buy these, why? 1- 10 pts (how will u grade them as a normal hobbist; 1 being poor, 5 keepable at home, 10 being oustanding for home)

(iii) if the prices of these fishes are >SIng$50 will u buy them, why? share yr judgement based on (i) or (ii)

if the price is > Sing$30 < S$50, will u buy them, share yr judgement based on (i) or (ii)

if neither what is yr ideal price? based on what criteria? and why?


The fishes specimen for discussion are Not For Sale and strictly for discussion purpose.

USE A for ranchu and B for Oranda in yr discussion please.

let's see how this discussion spin to from here
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white horse T1
don be afraid, i did not say they are MY FISHES biggrin.gif . i just say they are NOT FOR SALE

will be no mocking on opinions and contribution and don't be afraid to "screw" the fishes to not even worth a cent.. biggrin.gif

i would love to drive Lexus, Volvo, MERZ S class;


Qualities must be relative to something - like $$$$. like affordality....

many hav emphasize abt quality/showgrade /features .....

like a say, the thread is abt : purchasing decision vs quality where do u draw the line? unsure.gif

< by the way, on the side line, don;t also jump to a quick price conclusion just bec this thread is started by a ranchu bargain hunter ) hmm.gif

Ok let me tell you what goes thro my brain before a purchase

First browse thro generally a particular shipment or new arrivals
If something catches my eyes,I will go thro a process of mental assessment of its physical attributes,its behaviour,health ,swimming gait and posture.If everything is satisfactory,I will then ask myself whether this fish is for show competition,for ornamental purpose, of for breeding etc.I will then size up the fish and do monetary gauge of how much I'm willing to pay for the fish and for that size.As a guide I try not to exceed S$100.And you know I seldom buy large fish!

Lastly if the price quoted is beyond what I can offer,I will go back to the tank and look hard into its eyes and ask:Do you want me to take you home?Then prove to me your worth!With fate you will be mine!
I will go back home and come back again another time.....If it is still there,usually it's mine and surely a fraction of what I have to pay then! laugh.gif
In Mauritius it is like this:

'' Oh!!! a ranchu!!! the only one imported for the past 6 months. It's cheap and ugly but I will buy it anyway since I will not see another one for another 6 months ....''

They are not the best looking goldfish but I still spend a lot of hours on them everyweek and I love them.
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but there is this irrational side of us.

once u see a one particular good looking fish having better features than others in a tank; there is a tendency to want to own it....isn't this true. ?

like our Maritius Friend Damp said, some fishes are hard to come by, if don't buy, it is another long wait even if the grade is not fantastic.

This is the same for those Showgrade qualities tagged fishes, the urge will be high.

if half the time, we are buying "normally priced" fish, why use showgrade fish criteria to judge them here?

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Goldrush is a seasoned buyer and a class on his own; and he is also disciplined and know how to groom the best out of even ordinary fish.

i hope to put things into perspective :

3 points to look at:
i. "TYPE" hats we normally wear when vieiwng fishes;
ii. the features/swimming blra bla bla of the fishes
iii. Affordability

the 'developing / developed stages' of each hobbist are different.

Type A: newbie;
B. normal hobbist;
C ego hobbist;
D impulsive hobbist;
E seasoned hobbist,
Fcompetitive hobbist;
G obsessed hobbist
H passionate hobbist
I and not forgetting the bargain hunter hobbist.

i remem the first ranchu i buy, i can't wait to post to web but it turn out to be crab. ego dented...morale dropped when yr pet is condemned. not hard to notice "why academy now business not so good".

one may exhibit the characteristics from type A to I at any one time, some may be stagnant at one type characteristics only;
1) what else the competition grade criteria.
2) this will depend on individual appreciation attainment on the look out of good fish features inclduing health assessment and future development of the fishes

Price is the next factor.
why some higher priced fish ve worse feature compared to a S$2 fish
1) Normal behaviour will mean if the fish is highly priced, it must be good. But this usually don;t apply to goldfish unless the LFS has very good QC and stringent selection criteria. again depend on which "type" hat u are wearing, sometimes even seaonsed hobbists will be lurked into buying fishes that do not command suh high priced.

2) the rule of thumb i will use is: if it is very expensive, than the criteria used to select the fish must be showgrade class or competitive grade for competition

my selection criteria will drop if the price is lower; then the next assessment will be its future potential development if it is young fish.

next i will touch on how i view the two fishes attached

Wah don't see me so up leh blush.gif

Anyway base on the above 2 fish as yardstick I have this to offer.

Ranchu looks between 3-4 inch length.Head looks good.Scales a bit rough.Back is smooth.Tail from this angle looks good.Can be potential for future growth.Price mentally factored:$40 and below(subjected to changes if swimming gait,posture,anal tail are faulty)


Hmmm looks poor a specimen.Very unlikely to grow much(eyes and compact body tell me so rusure.gif ) I will give this fish a miss.Sorry.
white horse T1
Specimen A Ranchu:

Based on showgrade grading, :

- this fish is no where near. it exhibit TVR long body and a probable TVR reject.

- head growth is fine;

- do swim properly and upright

- tail fin is spread out with twin anal tails.

- it is skinny also based on its size of 4 -4.5 inch

i will give it a 5 .5 out of 10

Based on homegrade grading

will probably give it a 8/10. why, it does have the Japanese TVR features bec of its longish shape. and it is quite pleasant to watch it swim


Specimen B: Oranda

Showgrade grading: 2/10. nothing fantastic to shout abt.

Homegrade criteria: 4.5/10. it earn some points bec of erect tail and spead tail during swimming.


will I buy them? i could be transiting from type A to I mindset at the same time while vieiwng them.

eg. If iam type A and D, i will not hesitiate to buy specimen A immediately........ rolleyes.gif


white horse T1
an ego and competitive hobbist will not bother........especially when one buy fish immediately before competition. biggrin.gif An ego hobbist also very defensive and eager to defend the fish , the method of rearing. winning is everything and in any thing including in forum

obsessed hobbist can go to the micro details on fish rearing and upkeeping and travel long and far to get one fish


for me ;
i go by LHS as a normal hobbist , always viewed fish features relative to the price and ask myself whether ok or not. Then i could be a passoniate hobbist to even buy low graded fish just to see if it can be a swan in the ugly duckling story. i also don't chiong competition....

Usually i will suppress the impulsive me and find reason not to buy the fishes;

at times i can be obsessed to go around different LHS on a single day to fish window shopping just to kill time. i don reckon myself as a seaonsed player though.sometimes the impulsive me can be irrational and take over.
white horse T1


only our seasoned Goldrush responded on price.

The siblings of the displayed fishes should be available at Nanyang still.


i happened to pass by Mainland on wed 19 Mar there was also a couple of small ranchu abt 2.5 inch; the last i heard they are offered at S$25 each. any remaining after i left??; don worry i did not buy any although some are real good lookers; the impulsive me well suppressed. u may still catch them if u can.


and now the price announcement worth waiting for..........................

for price of two, it is a < S$25 mistake for the owner.

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