Hello everybody, hi.gif
I write them from papantla, veracruz, mexico.
First and foremost to congratulate them on a very good forum and website
I have been reading a little, my English is very bad ..

I noticed that use green water in their aquariums
I only have two goldfish in a plastic tub (90L)
Have little more than two years with me, and I am happy with them, before I only lasted three months maximum, as no information on their care ..

My fish will change the 25 or 30% water every eight days
Water add new anti-chlorine and aloe vera, there are times when I leave the water stand for 24 hours for chlorine to evaporate it may contain ..

I read that recommended changes in water up to 100%, I had the idea that doing turnabouts ended with the bacterium charitable (bb)

My fish will have a cascading filter, spindle perlon (fiber) as mechanical loading and pieces of red brick as a biological burden (for charitable nest bacteria (bb)

Papillas with the food and commercial food

I leave them a picture of my fish (only seen one)

IPB Image

And I will read more posts to better inform me
They mind that the link from my blog? (Would a banner)

Sorry if this post is not here wacko.gif