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Full Version: Plain Goldfish?
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Hello all. I would like to ask what is the Plain goldfish, Common goldfish, and Assorted goldfish? How are they different and how do they look like? I'm not good at English. I'm learning it now. Thank you so much for your kind of answer.
i am not an expert but i think a plain goldfish, is something like a comet, and commen goldfish are the type u find every where like fantails, comets and assorted describe all of the goldfish types eg oranda, ranchu, ryukin, etc....
i hope that helps u a bit
Common goldfish is a red, white or red-and-white single tail goldfish. They can also be called hibuna. They differ from funa (carp) by having color. They do not have the longer tail and fins of a comet. Hibuna are very hardy and a few have attractive red and white patterns.

There is not a goldfish variety called a "plain goldfish" or an "assorted goldfish". Goldfish advertised under these names can be anything.

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