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Hi guys, its me again ( sorry to trouble again ) tongue.gif

My fren like my tub with fishes very much and decide to DIY one himself. He has already bought all the necessary stuff ( pump, tub and filter )

He bought a rena air pump ( 2 outlets ), tub is TOYOGO type, I think the size is 615 x 425 x 210, filter -> i forgot the name liao.

But have not start putting in water, fishes and chemicals to kick start. I ask him to aged the tap water 1st.

I also new so dunno how to advise him, anyone can help ??

Step by step guide will be useful tongue.gif

Thank you very much ( on his behalf )
erm....what chemical you use??
sounds complicated....
No no, U mistaken liao.

My fren have not buy any fishes or chemicals yet, so need advice on what to buy, brand and price and how to kick start the tub ?

He plan to rear goldfish and Tetra ? ( I dunno compatiable or not )

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear in the earlier posting tongue.gif
do not age water.. the pH will drop below 7 as time pass..
Dun use aged water, then use chemical solution to remove the cholrine ?

If yes, any to recommend to my fren, I'm currently using Nutrafin Aqua+, didnt recommend tat to my fren cos I think I not in position to advise since my GFs always dieing one.

Better to get some expert advice. tongue.gif
GFs and tetra are totally not compatible lah.
GFs need alkaline water (pH > 7) whereas tetra need acidic water (pH < 7).
Okie, will tell my fren.

BTW wat fish is compatable with GFs ?

Anyone know a good and proper way to kick start ?
QUOTE(jowy_ham @ Mon 22 Mar 2004 11:42 PM)
Okie, will tell my fren.

BTW wat fish is compatable with GFs ?

Anyone know a good and proper way to kick start ?

GFs lor....
Okie tongue.gif, I take that as nothing is good with GFs.

Thanks for the advise.

Anything to share on the kick start portion ???
Buy fish and buy in small quantity, you need ammonia to run your system, there is no point at all to run a fishless tank. I find seachem ammonia alert is a pretty useful indicator which last about 6 - 8 months which by then your tank should be cycled and trouble-free when you stop adding in new fish. What about aquarium salt?
How much is that "seachem ammonia" ? and where to get it from ?

Appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance tongue.gif
It is "Seachem Ammonia Alert"

Here is the link to the manufacture site

If my memory don't fail me, it was S$11 at Petmart 2 wks ago. But seriously, unless it happens to be in your neighborhood use your time and energy to study the forum and fishlove mag is better.

By the way, it is issue 9 (the latest) that have the basics of goldfish. There is also a
English Page as well.

If your friend's pump is Rena 400 (2 outlet), please reduce the output as goldfish is not very good with high powered water. You can do that by turning the white colored knob/stick at the side of the pump.

Do buy some test kits, I'm use the Tetra test strip which give me 5 in 1 and I bought Ammonia Liquid test kit to confirm some results.

By the way, I'm also starting my new tank with 2 goldfish, I think it is long tail Ryukin. So let learn from each other.
jhansolo, I think I will get it for myself and my fren when I pass by PetMart in the future.

I went to TPY today, asking for "Seachem Ammonia Alert", they dun have sad.gif

Anyway, I think I should also get that mag for reference, will get it tomolo ( today quite busy ).

I do have test kits but results show nothing wrong with my water parameters leh ( tetra 5 in 1 as well tongue.gif )

jhansolo, do U think U can drop me some tips on how to kick start so that I can get back to my fren , Thanks a lot
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