hello everybody,

though i have been keeping goldfish for many years now, i am far from being a professional. often the dynamics of cultivating breed goldfish r so complex to me, that i find it to be an unfathomable depth of knowledge. however, i wud like to achieve some amount of proficiency in this regard. but a few pitfalls mar my path, the main pitfall being that excellent breed goldfish r not indigenously available in India, both due to the weather and the water conditions. i live in Chennai (erstwhile Madras), the hub of ornamental fish breeding in India, but i find that i have to import good breed goldfish, which as of now, is a very costly proposition for me. i request u to guide me as to how to acquire good breed goldfish in Chennai. i currently have a rather smallish tank with 3 orandas, 2 ryukin and 2 mixed breeds. but next month, when i move into a bigger apartment, i plan to get a much bigger tank for my beauties biggrin.gif

warm regds

Navaneet Krishnan

PS: i wish to post pictures of my fish, to get some expert comments on how to improve their look, body build, etc.