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Full Version: How Much To Feed?!
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Hi all,

I have recently managed to get my hands on two pairs of oranda godlfish, have gone with them through the quarantine process and they seem to be doing fine now. Although at times, one of them seems to be showing some signs of gill infections(parasites) ..which i hope will heal with surplus water changes.

Now my real problem is that, no matter how much i feed them ..they seem to be liking it. They hog like pigs 'm telling ya. I happen to be at home over the weekend, and ended up feeding them around 8-9 small feeds(enough pellets that they complete within 5 minutes), and yet at night before i put them to sleep, they seemed to be exicted enough to gulp yet another feed which i managed to restrict myself from doing.

So now i wanna know whats the correct amount of food these fishes can take in, and how many times must they be ideally fed. I know, its very easy to over/under feed them, but this time i want them to turn into round tennis balls, if you will. So can anyone show me the path.

About the fishes they are around 1.70 inches in size, and are housed in a bare bottom 2 feet tank, which has a air driven sponge filter and a small hang on filter as well.

Ps: I have been a old member of this site, and had moved on to keeping discus fish my lfs failed to provide me with qood quality goldies for many years. But these babies got me back, will be posting their pictures, some time soon.

hi.gif mkd

welcome back to goldfish keeping.However I must say that your 2 feet tank might in tine to come be too small to house 4 fishes.Coupled with your intense feeding I'm afraid your small water compartment will deteriorate in no time.Give them more room to develop and feed them 3-4 times very sparingly and change water frequently to remove unwanted accumulations.
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