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Full Version: What To Do With A Aggressive Ranchu?
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sad.gif sad.gif
hi can anyone help me?
i bought a 14cm ranchu about two weeks ago, and after i finished quarentine with her, i added her to my tank which had three other goldfish around the same size. then i noticed she started to chase and try to bite the other three fish, hmm.gif
is there anything i can do? besides give her away?
can any one help??
Separate tank or a tank partition perhaps. I don't remember ever seeing an agressive ranchu. It is usually the ryukin which cause problems.

yeah me too i've never come across a agressive ranchu either this is the first!
i wonder if lowering the tempreture will help?
hmm.. doubt it will help much..
possibly the ranchu wants to mate with the other fish, or is 14 cm too small to mate? you could put a tank divider in for a while, so about 1/6 of the tank is confined for that fish... then after a while you could take it out and if it happens again, put him in time out again. i have never tried this, but its just a thought.
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