Hi All,

It seems that this forum seems to be very quiet. I wonder what has happened? Have all the goldfish enthusiasts packed up and migrated to the other side of the Solar system? Even MyFish Gold Fish Forum is very quiet. So I have taken the initiative to post some pictures of my collection after 7 months. All comments are welcome.

1) The first picture is of the pond when I started it and the second pix is 7 months after it was first inhabited. As can be observed, the algae growth has increased a lot. Only the walls that are sheltered by the cover are still free of algae. The leak has also been fixed. However, I'm still filling the pond at a rate of 5% a day due to evaporation and losses through micro leaks. As a result, Nitrate levels have peaked (<5ppm) but still manageable due to algae growth and water replacement. I only change water when I clean the filter (once a month) due to this. Is this advisable or indeed acceptable at all? Also, water temperature is maintained at a constant 30-32 degrees C. Is the temperature ok for the fish? I am contemplating getting a drop-in probe chiller.

2) The 3rd and 4th pix is of my pom-pom. When I first got him, he was 125mm in length. Now he is 175mm in length. Thats about 50mm ( 2") of growth in 7 mths (the highest growth rate among all my fishes). The other fish have grown by as little as 5mm (These have been identified as runts or stunted specimens). Also, it's colour has changed very much due to the feed I use. Currently I have substituted Hikari Lionhead with Hikari Gold (floating mini-pellets for Koi) due to the escalating cost of food (If we humans must cut back, then our fish must also).

3) A photoshopped image of my ranchu for my own amusement and yours hopefully. The all red one in the left foreground is very likely stunted based on the large 'black' part of the eyes. Does anybody share the same opinion?

Look forward to any comments and updates of your own.