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Full Version: I Heart Goldfish!
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been keeping goldfish as a child as i had chronic asthma and no siblings, they were my best companion ever! those were the times when goldfish live in a plastic guppy tank in the hallways, with just 1 airstone and pump and wc every other day. lived for 2 yrs before they swam to heaven.- 1994-1996.

its now 2008, and i gt more land animals ( trust me it was suicidal, but surprisingly cured my asthma) guinea pigs, chinchillas, shihtzu, hamsters.... and i m back with keeping fishes!! Bettas, Goldfish. getting more educated and lazy rolleyes.gif to do regular water change, i got a bigger tank, initially 2 ft, now 4 ft. i have a stackable filter but because i still have no idea what i want to dump in, i just used my OHF, with wool, foam, coral chips, and bio rings.... kept my fish happy, and of cos me a happy girl... water is very clean now, just managed a 1-2 week cycling period, with 1 3.5"[ $2 series that used to be 3"] red oranda i bought frm polyart swimming in its new home. unfortunately his mate din make it... my other goldfish, oranda named Hearts died 3 weeks ago, no signs of illness. ate like its chum, slightly fatter too... it had a heart shape on one side of the body. was damm sad cos it was my first fish mortality since i started early this year. sad.gif

anyhowls, i just bought a black oranda yesterday frm c328 , [ i heart black fish with red orange belly!! ] nw under quarantine, ($6 series)

my near future plans, big tub convert into pond for my top view gfs, 8 goldfish of different color( hopefully) breeds in my 4 ft with a piece of bog wood inside... my dream goldfish tankscape. hysterical.gif

wish me luck!!!
hope u have fun smile.gif
haha i def will!!
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