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Full Version: Should I Buy This Fish?
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I am about to purchase this fish. i would like to know if this is a good quality ranchu before i do

IPB Image

IPB Image
Is this a SVR or Lionchu?
it depends what u are looking for, with me the only thing i like about this fish is its head. what do u see in this fish? is it for a pet or are u grooming it?
for me, i would buy it, if it was for a pet, but also depends on price. i wouldnt pay alot for it though. hope that helps
This is my perfect lionchu that I always wanted, but it's hard to find this high quality in U.S

If it is available, it would well cost over $200+ U.S

I would definitely buy it if I would you.
You or someone already bought it. The seller didn't show a good side-view photo which usually means the back is not too good.

QUOTE(kingyo08 @ Sat, 28 Jun 2008 3:40 pm) *

I am about to purchase this fish. i would like to know if this is a good quality ranchu before i do

I saw him on the auction. I was going to buy him but I couldnt see the tail angle in the back. He did have a really nice red and white one though.
sorry i didnt reply sooner, the fish is swimming around in my 29 gallon tank all to himself. he is very cute, and i love him. His back is much smoother than the photo leaves you to believe, it is SLIGHTLY jagged at the very end, but i like it, it gives him character, it looks cartoon like. His wen is completely covering one of his eyes. I am very satisfied with my purchase (120 dollars).

Now i am curious? since his wen is so large, and his body is not is not quite ranchu like, does he qualify as a "lionchu"?
Yes, he is a lionchu.
not bad for the price that you pay, he has a great shape and a good balance... yeah... he head is owesome!

To my knowledge about ranchu. I am pretty sure that it is Hybrid ranchu or Lionchu or Mixed ranchu.
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