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Full Version: New Ranchu, Very Large Wen
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Hello, i ordered a ranchu off the "". He has arrived, and wonderful, i had never seen one in person before so it was very exciting. My only worry is that his head growth is SO large, that it has started to cover his right eye completely. the left eye is covered half way. He doesn't seem to find food very well, he will swim right passed it... and sometimes swim into the glass walls. I have heard of "wen trimming" but i do not know where i would go to have this procedure done. Any suggestions? or am i just worrying too much?
Gold Digger
I would first observe it for two weeks. Fish have also a sense of smell and goldfish won't have a problem finding it if the tank is not too big.

I personally won't remove it but if you'd like to find out how it is done. Try this link below. Good luck!
I have a lionhead with a huge wen either and he doesn't have any problem finding the food. He uses his nose to smell around at the buttom of the tank during feeding.

I personally not recommend surgically trim the wen because it is not only create alot of stress to the fish, but it also will kill the fish due to infection.

yes i wouldn't want to risk an infection. the tank is 29 gallons, and he is alone, its taking him a while, but hes finding it eventually. i suppose if he doesnt have competition, than its ok if he takes a while finding the food.
i also have a ranchu and a oranda that have really big wens that cover the eyes, but in time they will find the food. and if ur's is the only one in the tank then he or she should be ok, cos then the fish won't have to compete for food!
gotta admit he or she is a cutey!!
I have spoken with Tommy about this (he owns/operates

He recommended that wen trimming only occur if it interferes with their mouth.
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