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Hello hi.gif

I'm Robert, I have just started with goldies although I've kept tropicals for a few years.

I currently have a 30 gallon tank with an Eheim 2213, an airstone and another internal filter with 1 fantail approx 5" and two small Ranchus approx 1.5" each.. The amonia and nitrites are 0 and the nitrates >5 so I think these guys are happy... I do 50% WC per week...

I also have a 90 gallon planted set up with 4 Discus, cardinals, rummynose, BN, Otos, a whiptail cat and some pygmy chain loaches..

Also a 2 gallon planted Betta tank.

Ranchus are my latest obsession, I hope to learn a lot from you guys... I have already become hooked on this forum reading through the previous posts...

I dream of a large indoor pond for lots of big fat ranchus


Look forward to meeting you all

Hello Robert

Welcome to our site.Hope you can learn and pick up relevant discussions and past topics to better your goldfish keeping.There are a number of Aussie girls and guys that hand around RG that may help you navigate around RG should the need arise...... just in case you don't feel at home cheers.gif


Thanks for the warm welcome goldrush...
hi.gif hi.gif
hello, glad u can join us!! are u from australia? so am i!!! yay!!
like u i dream of having a big pond too with fat ranchu's swimming around!! tongue.gif
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