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Full Version: Oxygen And Wen Growth
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Hi Guys,

Is there a direct link between oxygen and wen growth? According to the Green Water article, green water provide alot of oxygen to the fish and it promotes wen growth.

I added a medium size air bar in my tank and noticed all the fish became very active. I was wondering their wen might get bigger. The air bar produces alot of tiny/small air bubbles and should I worry about Oxygen burn in my tank?

I know the oxygen burn is mentioned in the green water article as well. So if my air bar produces alot of oxygen in the tank, and they could also burn the fish as well?

I'm assuming the oxygen produced by the green water is the samething to the oxygen produced by the air stone.
Direct link with wen growth = fish health.
Healthy fish, good wens. Sick fish, shrinking wens.

-Tip provided by Geert Coppens.
For a better understanding of oxygen burn,you can assess here;hl=oxygen+burn
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