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Full Version: Question About Lionhead Body Length..
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I noticed my 5" lionhead's body lengthened since I bought him three months ago.Does it mean anything? Is it a good indication or what?
Hi 32bit

It will be good if you keep some records especially pics (before and after).From such reference then you can make a justifiable comparison.We would like to see an overall development,Certain features like color,wen and proportionate growth should be taken into consideration and not just length.
The color of the fish faded abit since I bought it and I'm assuming the seller had been feeding the fish color-food.. The overall size of the fish seems gotten bigger, but no significant growth on Wen. I dont see the problem here.

I have been doing massive 80% w/c twice a week since day one, so I don't know what else I have been doing wrong. I feed them high protein food such as frozen bloodworms and sinking pellets.

Three 5" lionheads in a 38G tank equivalent to or close to 160 liter. I've seen some pics in the gallery on this board that people keeping goldfish in buckets and they still get nice growth/color on the fish.

That makes me believe it's something to do withe the gene.

I wish there are SG bred goldfish in U.S.

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