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Full Version: Hi - And Bad News Already, Pls Help
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hi all

I'm new here

heres my story, i have never kept a fish in my life until...

my 4yr old brought home a funfair fish in a bag
with a 4l (1gal) bowl and i was horrified
it was a regular small common, dont know the sex

I got reading on the net as fast as i could
to try and give this guy a a chance

he spent two days in the bowl then
I arranged a 54l juwel that a friend was not using it
I cleaned it out and cleaned the filters and filled it with treated water

anyway as you guessed "homer" died last night after three days in the tank
he was on the bottom and curled up

i did several things wrong which i hoped to get away with
(i only found out about cycling and other important tips after he was in)

1: cleaned the filters in tap water
2: put him in the tank 4 hours after it was filled - no cycling at all
3: only let the tap water sit for a couple of hours with conditioner
4: didnt use disinfectant on the tank, cleaned with razors and vinegar
but rinsed very well with powerful hot water spray

i got a kit and the water was testing well last night and the night before

i have the aquarium in a room that gets low indirect daylight
it gets morning light that get weaker as the day passes
so i used the tank lights during the afternoon, then the room light later
to try and simulate sunrise/sunset

any idea what may have happened?
he was doing well for three days and looked perfect save for a couple of scales missing

he spent a lot of time up in the top corner near the filter about two inches
form the top water level, but was never gasping

last night he was quiet and on the bottom - i assumed resting

he was fed flake moderately (literally a few flakes a day)
his poo was not too stringy

I know there are a million reasons - probably the lack of cycling
perhaps the fact that he was a fairground fish and may have been ill anyway

its just bugging me because he seemed happy enough in the tiny bowl
and I'm afraid i killed him by moving him to the tank - despite my best intentions

Would i need to dump and clean the water or should I let it cycle on
if i decide to get another fish

it is a 54litre juwel with 1/2" small gravel, internal juwel compact super filter
lights in the hood

i know this is newbie stuff but I was quite sad when I found him
even though he was only with me a week

I am particulalry intersted
to know what to do with the water now and if the fact that the goldfish was curled
and on the bottom gives any clues as to why he did

(I have tried to search the site BTW and am still unsure)

Many thanks


Not likely to be killed by uncycled tank, because with 54l of water and just one fish with minimal feeding, ammonia built up is not significant.

More likely due to water not properly de-chlorinated; lack of aeration, or fish is simply too weak to begin with.

If you intend to keep new fishes, , throw in a couple of fish flakes to generate ammonia/bacteria, let the current system run by itself for about a month, test for presence of nitrates, then add fish.
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