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Full Version: Goldfish Colour Change
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Ray Ng
Here's a Ryukin which I bought in the beginning of the year (Jan 2008)

And now (Aug 2008)

the red has totally disappeard. Is there a concrete reason for this?

Living condition of Ryukin:
- Outdoor tub with walls covered wtih green algae
Photo link: My outdoor tub
- water change. Don't really know but I pour 12 litres of water to the tub everyday

* Goldfish hasn't really have any disease so far

Is there any explanation for this?
I was replying to you Q and then my PC decided to restart...

Anyhow i was saying, the colour change is some what common in fishes from china (based on personal experience). Mostly with red coloured fishes, i have a red ranchu, after 2-3 months the colour started to the fish has pineapple coloured head and red only on its back curve.

I do keep my fishes in good water conditions with 80L/fish n good food. I suspect back in farms in china, they might feed their a lot of colour enhancement food...therefore the colour starts to fade out after like 2-3months and not instantly. or i have heard of sure.

others might be able to provide more accurate info

(Your Ryukin had nice colour pattern on its fins..... )

Try not to buy juvenile fish which are still subjected to color changes and color instability.Once lost,the red may never resurface again(sun or no sun).
I feel your lost, now he's all common like common mango, trying some ProGold or hikari Colour.
I had one ryukin go the other way, he had only red fins when i got him. In 3 weeks he started developing red on his body. 3 years later still has it and maybe a little more. I'd recommend taking any color enchacers away from him.
On the same subject i'm considering moving my all white panda's to a darker room with no light. Figure nothing else works. Has anyone else try'd this?
Veryl, I had a common and a wakin develop more red. The kiwa is not very sharp on either and I don't really like it.

I am pretty sure that a black tank can help hold the black on a panda, but my guess is that once the black disappears it is gone forever. Let us know if the dark room helps.

Most of the fish change the color from months to months... my neighbor has the same experience as what you have now, it turns white after 7 months, so he just feed more daphnia and wheat germ to his fish and after a couple of months it change color again bringing back the red and white... so try to green water it and choose a healthy food for your fish

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