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Full Version: Origin Of The Word 'ranchu'
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Does anyone know where the word 'ranchu' came from? What is its literal meaning or translation?

Interesting question Steve, even i would love to know the answer to this question.

Though all i know and most people might know is that "Ranchu" is a Japanese word. But would be nice to know the actual meaning of the word and particularly in which region in Japan it was first bred.

Japanese use a lot Chinese character.
They also use Rome to pronounce, so all r actually pronounce l in Japanese.
ran ( in Chinese 蓝 Lan) means blue
chu (in Chinese 寿 shou) means long life
ryu ( in Chinese 琉 liu) means glass
kin ( in Chinese 金 jin) means gold
The Matrix
WOW !!! That's one big question hard to answer. Too many versions.

I got to think a little hard to write my answer in english. This is my version ...

Simply put it, ranchu is an egg fish. In most modern chinese writings, known as Dan-Zhong ( egg variety ). But in ancient chinese, egg is not Dan (蛋), but Luan(卵).

The ancient form of ranchu is not in this present shape. Trying searching for the ancient ranchu picture if possible, backdated to the time where the China Emperor offered the fish to Japan. Guess who was the one started all these ...

The shape is what they call a worm ... pretty ugly. So the name egg-worm somehow surfaced - 卵虫 ( Luan-chong )

After years of breeding, we got what we have today and the name somehow changed to sound a little better - Ranchu.

Actually, I am not too sure was it a new variety or just mutated from Lionhead. In fact, Lionhead till today still the "imperial goldfish".
Thank you Matrix and Tao. It is more complicated than I thought it would be.

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