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Full Version: A Few Easy Questions.
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I looked all over for the answers to my questions before I wrote and I couldnt find what I was looking for
maybe someone can help me?

First question: When you guys measure your goldfish is it from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail or
is it just the body?

Second question: I have 3 ryukins, 2 females and 1 male, The large female is laying eggs every couple
weeks but the male can't seem to fertilize them. I don't know if he's not large enough
(meaning mature) or he's just not horny enough. He's about 3 1/2 to 4 inches from tip
of nose to end of tail. Whould he be big enough to get the job done?
He's not gay is he? ohmy.gif

Last question: I'm from the U.S. not from Singapore so I'm not familiar with some of your sayings can
someone please tell me what "qwat" means? I looked at the common phrases and slang
forum but it didn't have "qwat". Sometimes its "qwat qwat".

First answer:In most cases tip of tail, be it when specifying the size of our fish or in competitions, although very rarely (in competitions), sometimes organisers will specify to body only.

Second answer: Does the male ryukin chase the female and nudge or knock them?If not, he probably not horny. You can usually spot white tubercles (looks like white spots) on the cheeks of the male ryukin when he is horny.

Third answer:I dont recall any "qwat' being used here, if its "qwat qwat" the closest that I can think of is that it originates from the Malay Language " kuat kuat", meaning very strong, or very good.Same meaning when you say that the fish is "solid". The Malay language, or Bahasa Malaysia, if the official language of Malaysia, a country just north of Singapore. Many Singaporeans, especially the older generation, hails from Malaysia and are able to speak the language. I can speak Bahasa too............cos' i myself is Malaysian. biggrin.gif
Thanks CP

I spelled the word wrong it's "kwat" and now that you explained it, it now makes sence.

As far as the male ryukin he has tubercles on the leading edge of his pectoral fins and only
a few on one gill plate the other has none. Do you think I should separate the male?

If so do I put them in different tanks?


QUOTE(nygold @ Wed, 01 Oct 2008 7:27 pm) *

As far as the male ryukin he has tubercles on the leading edge of his pectoral fins and only
a few on one gill plate the other has none. Do you think I should separate the male?

If so do I put them in different tanks?

Hi nygold,
I am not familiar with breeding techniques so I am unable to answer your question. Perhaps others can help.

You can try separating the male and female into 2 tanks and make sure the water are not in any way in contact,neither are the tubing etc as pheromones may deter the onset of breeding.Feed good and nourishing food to get your fish prepared and ready.Introduce both sexes after a few days to see whether there is any sexcitement.Be patient Change water frequently to simulate a sudden change of temperature which will induce spawning.Do'nt forget to introduce spawning mops or plants(if you prefer) to prepare their "nuptial bed" shiok.gif Spawning often occurs in the wee hours of the mornin(4-5 am) and continue till about 9am.Be vigilant and if spawning excitement ceases,it is high time to separate the parents from the fertilised eggs.Good luck

Thanks for the advice Goldrush. I changes there diet to high protein with large water changes of
around 90% to stimulate breeding. The larger of my 2 females plumped right up and it became very
hard for her to stay down. By the next morning I notices eggs on the plants and such, but they weren't
fertilized. I stuck with the high protein diet and did another large water change a week later, the same
results accured. I had a big fat female, a male that looked somewhat interested but didn't act interested.
What I mean is he was showing tubercles but didn't chase.

I took them off the high protein diet and just put them on a regular diet, I also made the water changes
smaller more like 20%. I feel I'm stressing my big female for no reason by making her spawn.

It took me around 8 months to find some nice Ryukins it's very hard to find them in the U.S. without
paying an arm and a leg through the internet.

I will sperate the male like you said and give the female a few days to relax, then go back to the high protein and give it another shot.

Thanks again.

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