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Full Version: Oranda With No Dorsal Fin
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I recently spotted a Black Oranda with no dorsal fin in one of the local stores.Below is the picture of the fish.Can you please let me know if this is a rare find or a to be culled specimen which I can ignore.Unfortunately this is the only best shot that I could take.


Looks to be a very unique fish. If I were you I'd snap him up in a flash!
In the first instance does the fish resemble an Oranda or a Shukin(long-finned Lionhead)?
The fins are very flowy, aren't they? And the body shape is elongated suggesting it's a shukin. However the wen shape looks oranda.
The Matrix
GOODNESS !!!!! Veil Tail lionhead !!! One in a million chance to see it.

Other than the egg-fish pompom that was in the MFGC, this would be the next rare fish to find.
It is RARE! your a lucky guy, but It looks like its not happy... or something's wrong?

In my opinion this is an outcome of the crossbreeding or maybe an abnormalism?

whats Important is... he is in good health..

Cheers bro!

This is what is being sold here now as a Tsugaru Nishiki, and seems to be a good quality, because I haven't seen one with such a good wen yet. A rare variety that was almost extinct after WW2 and has been recreated recently in Japan. Did you buy it?
No! I was not fortunate to bag this prize.Unfortunately the LFS killed it due to ammonia poisoning in a crowded tank before I could buy it.
Too bad sad.gif
The fins in the photo already looked raggedy. What a shame!
I'm just raising a batch of fry of these - if you are interested in photos check them out here:
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