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Full Version: Outdoor Tub In The Uk
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Hi there,

I live in the UK and was planning to have a tub outside (what size it will be i have not decided yet but it will be fairly large) it is now october and the days are getting colder unlike in singapore where you ae surely still enjoying nice warm or even hot days!!! I was wondering weather it would be ok to have a tub outside over winter? does it need heating or will the fish be ok in the near freezing temperatures?

my second question is concerning greenwater. I would like to try out greenwater in the tub outside yet i have two problems it seems. First of all I dont think I have sufficient light to kick start it through sun power! but! there is a pond next door to mine that has goldfish in it and the water is green. could i use some of that water to seed my own greenwater and would it still be able to thrive without much direct sunlight and through the winter?

I think thats enough questions for now, thank you for any responses.

I'm not sure I'd risk it.. where abouts are you in the uk?
If you're southern them maybe you could try it with some hardy fish, but then outdoor ponds here should be at least 3-4 ft deep so the fish have somewhere to go hibernate, and those are hardy commons. What breed were you thinking of?

I did the same thing when I made a tank greenwater, used some water from a friends pond to seed it.
I would think it would be ok with not alot of sunlight, I know of someone who kept a tank green in the shade outside, but that was in Oz.

Have you got a conservatory or anything you can try it in?
It will depend on which variety of goldfish you choose. The hardy long-body varieties like common goldfish, comets, shubunkin, wakin, and watonai do fine outside during the winter. There is also a Japanese strain of tomasaba which are cold hardy and some fantails will do OK. It will be more difficult to keep short-body fancy varieties outside over the winter. Not impossible, but more difficult.

UK is known for its shubunkins.

There are pond heaters available. Look for units designed to de-ice livestock tanks. The heater unit itself is not expensive, but the electricity to run it is very expensive.

If there is light and nutrients the green water will start on its own. The algae spores are everywhere and even float through the air. You cannot keep them out. I would be hesitant about moving water from the neighbors pond because you never know what sort of goldfish pathogen you could be moving with the water. If you move green water to an area without sufficient light it will disappear in a matter of days. The algae cells do not live long but are constantly reproducing when there is sufficient light.

I also live in the UK (exeter) and I am going to be using 200 litre tubs for breeding orandas and wakin next summer, but I definately wouldn't risk leaving it out over winter as it would probably completely freeze, I know that cold resistant fish can spend the time when the water is frozen over at the bottom but that is really a deep pond thing hmm.gif
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