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Full Version: Kink In Back Of Ranchu.
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A ranchu i recently bought has a ever so slight kink in his back, is there any possible way of correcting such a feature or is this a permanent genetic feature... The fish is still relatively young so maybe he could fill out a little more or will he simply push out the bump even further?

Dear juppie

Is a kink at its back a depression or a protrusion?In any case try not to select young fish with either as such faults are hard to rectify and usually carry through adult.
The kink is a protrusion, it is not very large and the fish could definetly bulk up so im hoping it might help a bit... unfortunetly in the uk we are not spoilt for choice as you are in singapore so i bought this fish simply cause it was the best ranchu i could find! thanks for your reply goldrush your articles and many posts hve been some what of a bible to me, so thanks...
It seems that defects always get worse over time. I've never seen a poor back improve with age.

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