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Full Version: At What Time Do U Feed Ur Goldfish?
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Have u ever tot that maybe ur goldfish may have a bigger appetite at certain times of the day?? IF u manage to get the time rite.. ur goldfish may eat more n grow faster ?? Cmon bros frm singapore lets share wif everyone around what time u feed ur goldies...

Btw i feed mine at 8am everyday.. after sch if they looks hungry i feed them again ard 7pm.. shiok.gif

Jonathan cYz =) hi.gif
If you feed them twice a day, feed them in the morning when you get up... and then feed them around 5pm-6pm in the afternoon...

thats the good time to feed them in my opinion...

i feed mine 4 times a day at 8am 12pm 3pm 6pm
but everytime small amount
I feed my fish at 6:00am and again at 4:00pm.

Not because the fish look hungry but 6 is when I get up for work and 4 is when I get home.

By the way they always look hungry.
Goldfish will eat non stop anytime of the day...better to feed small amount many times a day than to overfeed once or twice

I have heard some people saying never feed at night but I don't see the LOGIC behind that
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